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How To Detect Intrusion In Web Development

Nowadays, since the Internet allows everyone to develop their profession in the way they consider most appropriate, we are subject to great competitiveness, which is good … Except when those who have no idea try to deceive customers. Here we are going to show you how to detect intrusion in web development … so that they do not fool you!

Tricks to Detect Intrusion in Web Development

Here are some tricks with which you can easily identify the intrusion in web development (which results in a bad result in what the client demands):

  1. Priced below the market average: This is a common feature of intrusion. Since they cannot use their brand as a claim, because the brand has no credibility, they use aggressive pricing strategies, well below average, to lure the unwary. Remember that cheap is expensive.
  2. Doubtful forms of payment: In the event that they are not only intruders but also scammers, they may ask you to pay in advance (or, at least, a high percentage of the total), and then leave you without the web that you were buying.
  3. Ask for references: The best way to know if a brand or person is legit is by asking and searching Google. If Google throws you complaints from users who have already contracted the service and are not satisfied, look for someone else.
  4. Ask for examples of previous work: This is a simple but important point. Ask the web developer for examples of previous work, so that you can see what the result is and that you can get in touch with the owners of these already created websites. No one is better than them to explain if the web developer is legit and has quality or not.

We hope that these simple tricks to detect intrusion in web development have been useful for you. Remember that this intrusion does not only affect us professionals, but it does so to a greater degree to the client, who rarely receives what he needs.